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Mid-term presentation of the SET Level project on 29 April 2021

Future type approval procedures for automated driving require simulation-based testing methods in order to minimize real world testing. Virtualization is one key factor for successful verification and validation as well as the use of standards and open tools.

The SET Level project develops procedures and toolchains for simulation-based development and testing of automated driving. Different ways of analysis, virtualized verification/validation and simulation procedures developed in SET Level contribute to the subsequent release and approval procedures.

The German large-scale research project SET Level is part of the PEGASUS project family and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Together with our project partners, many practice-relevant results have already been developed. We would now like to present these to you. In exciting talks and demonstrations, SET Level experts will showcase the current state of the intermediate project results in research and development and give you an outlook towards the further project progress.

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