October 11 and 12, 2022

Traceability Demonstrator TRACY

Enabling Cross-Project and Cross-Domain Traceability Analyses


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Especially in the domain of simulation, trust needs to be created in order to produce credible simulations. Trust can be created by upholding three pillars of data management: Re-use artifacts and objects across multiple projects to identify (implicit) correlations; provide means to re-simulate to prove the validity of a given simulation result; and observe traces between artifacts and objects for (impact) analyses and documentation. Those three pillars are core to the traceability software demonstrator of SET Level, TRACY.

TRACY is a lean and smart solution creating Digital Threads across domains. It can be used to trace information of different source systems in accordance to Linked Data principles, analyse data correlation and create baselines that freeze any kind of information for later auditing or re-simulation. Come find us at booth B1-9b if you are interested in learning more about TRACY and see how this tool can help you in your simulation processes.


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