October 11 and 12, 2022

prostep ivip e.V.

Your partner for industrial digital Transformation

prostep ivip e.V.

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The prostep ivip Association is a leading, globally active, independent network of industry, IT and research. The industry-driven non-profit association focuses on industrial digital transformation in product creation and production. With almost 200 companies and organizations from more than 20 nations, prostep ivip helps organizations develop innovative products and services (such as autonomous driving vehicles) faster and more efficiently through process harmonization, digitization, and standardization across an added-value chain with multiple development partners. For enabling this in the manufacturing industry, prostep ivip defines and aggregates the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers from different branches. Goal is the digitalization of the entire product creation process – from idea to implementation. Therefore, standards are set, and related implementations are fostered.

The prostep ivip project Smart Systems Engineering (SmartSE) is establishing best practices for distributed collaborative system development between partners, using systems engineering methods. It defines working methods, best practices, and standards for simulation-based systems engineering, focusing on collaboration in cross-enterprise development networks, which provide answers, results and recommendations for typical challenges in distributed development scenarios between partners such as:

  • What needs to be exchanged between the partners participating in the development of a system or component for a specific MBSE application?

  • How can the process for carrying out a cross-company simulation task be designed?

  • Which approaches exist for exchanging the required simulation models and accompanying information for this type of use case?


Dr. Alain Pfouga
General Manager


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