October 11 and 12, 2022

Persival GmbH

Perception Sensor Simulation and Model Validation

Persival GmbH

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As a spin-off of TU Darmstadt originating in the Pegasus project family, Persival helps to test any (potentially AI-based) automated system safely and efficiently with many years of experience in the simulation of active perception sensor systems.

Persival provides simulation solutions and their validation for automated driving, manned or unmanned aerial vehicles, and surveillance systems.

In this regard, Persival develops customized perception sensor system simulations to save our customers time and money for real-world test runs by moving most of the test and safety validation to simulation.

With the unique research background in modeling and validation of virtual perception sensos, Persival takes credible simulation seriously by cutting-edge effects modeling and model validation methods.

Persival targets for pilot customers from all different industry domains, where perception sensors are already used (automotive, robotics, farming, mining, etc.) to reveal different requirements and to build different environments including the environmental effects based on a flexible modeling architecture.

Besides, Persival already acts as service provider for custom sensor modeling and support with ASAM OSI, e.g. for the recent ASAM OSI flatbuffers performance and application study.





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